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Screw Piling & Hole Drilling

Alberta's Premier Oilfield Anchoring Team

Anchor King Oilfield Services (2005) is one of the oldest and most respected anchoring services in Alberta. We are well known for forseeing the needs of our customer. After 18 years in the anchor business we have earned the reputation as a safe, dependable and effecient supplier to our customers with top quality personalized service.

What We Offer

Our experience level and attention to detail reflects in the quality service our company provides our customers 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. Quotations are dealt with in a timely, professional and confidential manner and are tailor made to suit our clients specific needs.

Services Include:

 - Rig and Flare Stack Anchoring
 - Screw Pilings
 - Open Hole Augering
 - Soil Sampling
 - Underground Pipeline and Utility Location

With 6 - 5 Ton 4x4 Anchor Trucks and 18 Years of Excellence We Insure You Are Dealing With Alberta's Best...

Anchor King is headquartered in Red Deer, Alberta and offers services throughout Alberta and surrounding markets.

Western Line Locators is headquartered in Red Deer, Alberta and offers underground pipeline and utility locating throughout Alberta.

Please contact us at (403) 346-3171 or 
click 'Contact Us' for further contact information.

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Anchor King Oilfield Services (2005)