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Service Rig & Flare Stack Anchoring 
Screw Piling & Hole Drilling

Anchor King Oilfield Services (2005) Achieved and Continues to Maintain Our C.O.R. (Certificate of Recognition)

Anchor King Oilfield Services (2005) and Western Line Locators provides an unparalleled focus on comprehensive service and commitment to elite safety standards.


Our operators are trained to meet strict ground distrubance requirements. Our drivers are well trained and versed in safety. We can boast our safety record is second to none.

Tickets and Certifications Held Buy All Anchor Rig Operators:
 - Ground Disturbance Supervisory Level
 - MetroTech 810 Line Locator Training
 - Emergency First Aid / CPR
 - H2S Alive
 - I.R.P. 16

We also offer Office and Field Access to Abadata (EUB) Pipeline Mapping to assist our Operators on every site.

Efficiency & Flexibility allows us to work with Industry Leading Partners

Contracts can be won or lost in days, not weeks - our ability to meet and work with a customer in a timely manner is key to our success.

Our Industry Partnerships include serveral industies leading Oil Companies and many service agreements with Junior Oil Companies across Alberta.


Our Anchoring and Line Location businesses offer over 90 years of combined experience. When your safety is involved you will want to use the services of the Anchor King team.

All personal are required to stay up to date at all times with Safety Certifications / Tickets

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Anchor King Oilfield Services (2005)