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Service Rig & Flare Stack Anchoring 
Screw Piling & Hole Drilling

Rig and Flare Stack Anchoring

  • 6 - 5 Ton 4 Wheel Drive Anchor Trucks Deliver Capabilities our Competition Does Not Offer
  • Offering services with Nodwell Track Machine
  • Pull Testing Equipment Calibrated Yearly to Deliver True and Accruate Pull Test Charts Satisfying OH&S Standards

Screw Pilings and Open Hole Augering

  • Up to 4" Screw Pilings
  • Up to 14" Open Hole

Line Location

  • All trucks equipped with line locating instrumentation
  • All Anchor Operators are trained to do line locating circle checks prior to anchor installation
  • All Anchor Operators ticketed with Ground Disturbance Supervisory Level and MetroTech 810 Certification
Proudly Servicing Alberta Since 1988
Our capabilities to install wind anchors for scaffling and large tank construction have allowed us to work on projects such as White Sands and Horizon
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